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New Year, New Hair


New Year, New Hair

As my most trusted advisers, I wanted to get your opinion.

I can’t decide what to do with my hair.
At the moment it’s kind of inbetween – I had an AMAZING bob with a blunt fringe and it’s starting to grow down, sort of to shoulder length. Now I face the eternal girl quandary…
Grow or cut?

I just know that when I rock up to Jonny at Lee Stafford he’s going to say ‘cut it’ but now it’s back to it’s natural colour after many years of bleach abuse, I’d really like to see how it stands up to a bit of length.

Long hair is purdy
I haven’t had long hair for ages
Long hair is totally sluttier and basically, I’m a bit slutty
(not really, but in my head, I’m a total ho. Maybe I’d be more of a real ho with long hair…)

I’m lazy and long hair is hard work
Historically, long hair hasn’t suited me
I’m really, really lazy

But for every against, I have an argument.
No, long hair hasn’t suited me but to be honest, I was a bit of a porker in the past and now I have cheekbones. Plus, I never had such a fabu stylist tending to my locks. If anyone’s going to make long hair look good on me, it’s Jonny.
And not being so bloody lazy is one of my new year’s resolutions, at least when it comes to beauty anyway, and I’ve got all sorts of wonderful products now, like Lee Stafford Sleepover that conditions while I kip and Bedhead After Party that’s a fab detangler and smells pretty.

I’m going to consult the pros and let you know what they think…

God, that was the most self-indulgent post of this entire self-indulgent blog.
Love it.http://0

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