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New Year, New Moisturiser


New Year, New Moisturiser

I do get a little bit frustrated every time marketers find something new for me to be afraid of. First it was just wrinkles then it was the fine dryness lines and the ‘loss of firmness’. After that, we moved on to the eyes – are they baggy? Do you have crow’s feet? How about sagging lids? And that’s before I get started on your A-Zone… mew.
And if you’re not dealing in anti-ageing products by the age of 25, woah betide you rocking up at 30 with a bottle of Olay, hoping for the best.

All I want is a moisturiser that is nice to use, not too expensive, doesn’t make me break out and keeps my skin hydrated. Is that too much to ask?

Well, aside from making me shat myself about ‘discoloration and dullness’ (add them to the list with ‘loss of radiance’), Estee Lauder’s new Revelation moisturiser seems pretty good. I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks and I’m quite liking it. The ‘Age Resisting Brightening Creme’ includes Skin Clarifying Enzyme Technology and a Tri-Vitamin C complex which claim to even skintone, reduce the appearance of fine lines and neutralise anti-oxidants to keep pesky Father Time at bay.
All at the same time!

Thankfully, once you’ve made it through the scaremongering, this is a lovely product. My skin is soft and does look more even-toned after a couple of weeks’ use. And given how dodge my skin has been recently, that is a result. I even had to give up on Hope in a Jar because it was irritating me. Plus Revelation has a delicious consistency that sinks right in on my combination skin – you can choose either a combination skin or dry skin option. It’s thick enough to feel like it’s doing some good, but not at all greasy and it doesn’t reek of perfumes so you can actually sleep at night wearing it. Result.

BeautyMecca’s Verdict:
Scores slightly too high on the bullshit-o-meter but delivers the goods, so we’ll let it go this time.
If you’re looking for a new moisturiser to build into your routine, go for it.

Available nationwide, £40.00 for 50ml.http://0

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