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New Year, New Foundation


New Year, New Foundation

Now we’ve got your moisturiser sorted, it’s time to look at base.
These products have been a big concern of mine recently given the terror of Bad Skin and I’ve been really reluctant to put anything new or heavy on my face.

Obviously I heart my Prescriptives Colour Match foundation more than ANYTHING and recommend it to everyone ever, but in looking for a lighter alternative with great coverage, I discovered an old favourite. My trusty old Bare Minerals i.d. Bare Minerals.

I’d stopped using this when I hooked up with Prescriptives, because, quite frankly, I’d been a bit heavy handed of a morning and was going out with a face like the Joker and a fluid just seemed easier. But having watched the Bare Escentuals hour on QVC at the weekend (I have no shame. Or life.) I decided to give them another go, and do you know what? I’m back on track.

It sounds really silly but it is totally all about the tap, swirl buff method, and the more you buff, the better the product looks. I kept adding more because I wasn’t getting the result I wanted but really, I just needed to keep buffing. I also find it helps to let the make up sit for a moment, post-buffing, before you get a look at the actual finish. I’ve been teaming my ‘Fair’ foundation with Bobbi Brown pink blusher and Bare Minerals Pure Radiance which really helps my skin looks healthier (and like it’s had plenty of sleep even when it hasn’t…).

On my better skin days, I’m all over M.A.C. Hyper Real foundation. You have to try this stuff, it makes you look like you’ve ‘been in make up’ for five hours. Seriously. The coverage isn’t as heavy as Bare Minerals of Prescriptives but there’s SPF 15 in there as a bonus and it gives a really healthy, vibrant sheen to your skin. Gorge.

Sigh. I dream of a day when foundation is a thing of the past.
If only those stupid skin perfecting vitamins actually worked.
(when you’ve been out drinking and not sleeping…)http://0

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