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Hair-Speak Peeps


Hair-Speak Peeps

Having found my karmic hairstylist connection, I no longer fear a terrifying misinterpretation of my request. However, I have been subject to some of the most terrifying miscommunication so I do understand the fear that grips many peeps on their way into the salon.

For approximately, hmmm, about three years, I visited what felt like every hairdresser up and down this bloody country, attempting to achieve this haircut.

Yes, it’s Willow off Buffy. Get over yourself, I was a student.
Anyway, I went through torture attempting to secure this haircut. At first I took the picture in with me but clearly, hairstylists in Nottingham are above watching Buffy and after much scoffing, they just took on their very interpretation of ‘Choppy Bob’. Mostly, I wound up looking like a mid-first series of friends Rachel or Myra Hindley. Neither are flattering in this day and age.

This went on until I just gave up, grew my hair to shoulder length and occasionally flipped the parting. Never would I reveal a secret hair-crush ever again. Until I met Jonny at Lee Stafford.
He knew! He knew that by ‘messy, choppy, textured bob, I secretly meant ‘please make me look like Debbie Harry in the Heat of Glass video!’ And when I could be arsed to get the mousse and the diffuser out, I really did! It was a miracle.

This is potentially due to one of two reasons:
a) Jonny is a mind reader
b) Jonny has the Lee Stafford hair dictionary at his disposal

The hair dictionary is a fairly awesome bit of kit, which has hundreds of picture of styles, each with a definition. You want ‘tousled’? Okay, show me which tousled. ‘Choppy bob’? Show me which choppy bob. ‘Blonde but not slutty Atomic Kitten blonde?’ Go for it.

Of course, I like to think he’s just psychic because we have a deep, hair-orientated spiritual connection but hey, that’s just me.


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