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New Year, New Lips


New Year, New Lips

I don’t think I have documented my love of karaoke here AS yet. This is a huge oversight.
There is nothing more satisfying than going to Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes, getting slightly tippish (ahem) and belting out Love Machine with your best girlfriends. Boyfriends too should you be so inclined and less ashamed of your singing voice than I.

And why Love Machine? Because despite my desperate wannabe indie girl creds, I heart Girls Aloud. I heart them so much. And most of all, I heart Cheryl. Did anyone see the E4 documentary where she went home and the dog weed on her designer hoodie? It was beautiful.

So it is with great pleasure that I present to you Cheryl Cole’s preferred lipbalm…
Blistex Intensive Moisturiser!
I’ve ALWAYS wanted to say this…

Cheryl says
Trying to look your best all the time is exhausting, but thanks to my Blistex Intensive Moisturiser keeping a smooth pout and winning smile is one thing I never have to give a second thought to.’

I say: It’s a thick creamy lipbalm that takes a little bit of rubbing in but once it’s on there, you’ve got barrier cream that’s going nowhere. Perfect for this weather.

I once had the pleasure of writing a Girls Aloud annual and I have to say, Cheryl’s questionnaire answers were the best (no of COURSE I wasn’t allowed to interview them).
She’s a delight.
Sarah was pretty much just trying to get free La Tasca dinners and Nicola kept changing her mind about what her favourite movie was because they were on tour and she was ‘watching loads’. Bless.http://0

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