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New Year, Fab Hands


New Year, Fab Hands

You must know by now, that I fear the Madonna claws.
As in, literally live in terror. So it’s a happy day for me when a new hand cream comes out that promises to protect my dainty handsies from the bitter winter chill.

I do love me some Jo Malone at the best of times, so it with great pleasure that I recommend to you their new Vitamin Nourishing Hand Treatment. Of course, it comes in lovely creamy, be-ribboned Jo Malone packaging and yes, the tube is all sexy black plastic with an elegant cream label, edged in gold but most importantly, it’s goooooooooood.

The cream is dense, and I mean dense, but it still sinks in right away and leaves your hands feeling really fresh. The scent is gorgeous, clean but not clinical and even in this hideous weather, my hands stayed soft as a baby’s bum-bum for hours without reapplication. Obviously, at £34.00 it ain’t cheap but you only use a teeny weeny little bit each time and you get a whopping great 100mls. One lovely tube would definitely see you through to spring time.

conditioner too – as much as I love my La If you fall in love, do try out the other products in the range. I’m in serious heart with the lipMer balm, it’s a little fiddly to be screwing and unscrewing the lid all the time, and in this weather, you need to be able to reapply outside. Tricky in mittens. The Jo Malone conditioner is in a handy tube and gives a really lovely finish – almost gel-like. And as a bonus, no need for gloss. Yay.

The Vitamin E gel is pretty special too, I’ve been heaping it on in the evening to repair my delicate, red-prone skin from the nippy wind outside. Speaking of, I imagine it would be great for chapped nips if you were breast feeding.

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