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New Year, New Hair from Patrick Ludde


New Year, New Hair from Patrick Ludde

I’ve been trying really hard to inspire you to try something new this January, get out of a rut or a routine and just wake yourself up with a little treat, something out of the ordinary.

If you’ve been resisting (or broke) this is your chance to make a change – it’s payday week after all, people!

Today is my last attempt at getting you to try a new do for the new year.
hairstylist, Patrick Ludde, has given us these top tips to achieve your perfect style:

Make sure the style suits your lifestyle and consider how much time you want to spend grooming your locks on a daily basis.
For example, I have decided against the long locks of my dreams. They were just going to be too much hard work so my stylist and I compromised on a slightly longer bob with blunt bangs – I can tie it up and swish it around but I don’t have to get up at six to blowdry it.

The shape of the new style should of course compliment your face shape.
I have a big round face. Pixie cuts are NOT me.

Is your hair texture compatible with your chosen style?
We’ve all got the curly haired friend who is a slave to her GHDs and most of us have at least sighted an unfortunate perm… Work with what you’ve got chica.

Some of my clients cut out different styles to bring in, because sometimes you like a fringe of one style, the texture of another and the colour of yet another. It helps give the stylist an understanding of what you like and don’t like

Ask your stylist for suggestions. They should inspire you

Lastly, the stylist should give you ideas for different styling options. Don’t be shy to ask if they are not offered! You should walk out of the salon confident with your style and that you can manage it yourself.
We’re so guilty as a nation and a gender of putting up with second best, Don’t let your hair suffer your Englishness! If you’re not happy, say so. If you want to be shown how to blow dry it just like the stylist, say so. If you want three variations you can rock at the weekend, say so! It’s your hair, you’ve paid good money so make sure you’re happy

So there you have it, now go forth and style!
And don’t forget that you can get 25% off any service at Patrick Ludde by quoting BeautyMecc when you book. we’re so good to you…


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