A Little Bit of What You Fancy: MaxMara Le Parfum

I don’t know about you but I’m having a crappy start to the year.
I’m broke, I’m stressed and the weather won’t even play ball meaning I can’t use my beautiful Marc Jacobs Jazz bag or wear my gorgeous TopShop orange Jaime shoes.
And did I mention I’m broke?

So I propose, the best way to get through Febraury is to wrap ourselves up in gorgeousness. It’s a short month, the credit card can take it…

Kicking off, we have the newest launch from MaxMara, one of my favourite fashion lines and fast becoming one of my favourite perfumes. This is SO pretty, I’ve been wearing it alot and had some really lovely compliments. Unfortunately, I don’t speak perfume, soI’m going to let MaxMara tell you all about their new scent in their own words…

A mere drop on my skin makes me irresistible, such is the extraordinary splendour of its essences. Opening out from floral top notes, MaxMara Le Parfum Pure Perfume evokes an intense woody impression.
Like a lustrous silk, Absolute of Sambac Jasmine conjures powerful floral harmonies with subtle resonances of honey. Sandalwood from Mysore, profound, sophisticated and captivating, and Amber Wood, heightened by SoftaAct® Bourbon Pepper with hints of Lime Wood, continue the warm, spicy theme. Then, at last, the Extract reveals its full refinement with the most exclusive Musks.

Sounds like a good option for valentine’s day to me…
Pick up the scent exclusively at Selfridges from today and from perfume counters nationwide from June. 30mls is just £30,00 but I say invest in the 90ml with the amazing sculptural pedestal.
It’s just SO pretty.http://0

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