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A Little Bit of… Prescriptives Technotropics


A Little Bit of… Prescriptives Technotropics

I really, really wanted to call this post ‘This Post is Technotropic’ but I’m supposed to be putting sensible headers up there to increase my ‘search potential’ (I don’t know why, I don’t make money from sharing the beauty goodness with you peeps, just get a lovely warm feeling of helping my fellow man/sending someone over the edge of their credit card debt).


So today is our first look at the new spring colour collections and my, it’s a beauty.
I heart Prescriptives in a big way so you can only imagine how excited I was to see their new releases.

They say: Infuse your look with a shock of colour and an edge this spring with The TechnoTropics. A mix of cool and bright creates an urban city-meets-tropical dynamic. Eyes take on a fresh look in shades of plum, blue, brown and taupe offset by pastel shimmer and lined with metallic precision. Cheeks glow with sultry shades of fuchsia and soft rose. Lips pop in tropical hues of vibrant fuchsia and fresh tangerine glossed with a warm sizzle. Be bold and experience this contrasting combination of colour…

I say: Ooh, pretty! I’m obsessed with the Blush More or Less in Thai Orchid. Even though it’s a solid, it has a moussey texture that glides onto skin and stays put. The bright pink colour is totally rivalling Stila’s convertible colour in Fuchsia for my affections. Plus, the packaging is super cute and super portable and you can wear it on your lips for an easy swipe at this seasons bright pink look. I will sob if this limited edition wonder vanishes after the season. And this is all before we’ve got to the delicious Lipstrip glosses and limited edition shades of Colourscope Lipcolour.

Prescriptives tends to be a bit of a ‘those in the know’ range but hopefully, this fabu selection of super easy to wear colours and divine textures will push them over the edge into superstardom.
Which I’m cool with as long as none of you cause a queue at the counter, ‘kay?

The Technotropics range is on counter now, call 0870 034 2566 for details of your nearest stockist.http://0

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