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A Little Bit of… Lash Power


A Little Bit of… Lash Power

Without wanting to get into a lot of details, I’ve been in a great position to test some waterproof mascaras recently. Mr BeautyLover and I are no more (so please email images and CVs of hot single boys asap) and so there has been no small amount of weeping round at Chez BeautyMecca.
The happy news is that I have found THE best waterproof mascara ever to grace this Earth. It has been through the initial ‘you’re dumped’ and associated screaming, the ‘I’ve been dumped!’ and associated wailing and even the subsequent ‘I know you’re right but this is all so freaking sad’ sobbing. Ahhh.

It is Clinique Lash Power.
I love the title too, sounds like the mascara She-Ra would have used.

But seriously, once this mascara is on, it’s going nowhere and unlike a lot of other waterproof mascaras, there is no clumping, no plasticy-lash look and here’s the marvel, it comes off with warm water! And not anything else… Seriously, I forgot I had it on and tried to take it off with my Prescriptives Better Off eye make up remover (which is the best) and it didn’t budge. Cotton wool soaked in warm water and it’s ‘mascara? what mascara?’

So I might be single but I’ve got waterproof feathery flutterby lashes to die for.
Watch out chaps…

Clinique Lash Power is just £12,50 and on Clinique counters everywhere now.
Go, run!


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