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A Little Bit of… Australian Tea Tree


A Little Bit of… Australian Tea Tree

As I’m sure you can imagine, I’m not overwhelmed with joy at the approach of Valentine’s day (shit timing Former Mr BeautyLover) but I am overwhelmed with the desire to look shit hot at all times, and so, I’ll be doing everything I can to avoid a stress breakout.

Aside from drinking all the water in the world, I’ve been treating ‘problem areas’ with a fab new blemish stick from Australian Tea Tree. And it seems to be working… It’s a fab clear gel that has barely any scent (I used to HATE the Body Shop tea tree oil, so stinky) and goes on over or under make up without disrupting anything. And unlike my fave Bliss See Spots Run, it’s only £3.99 and comes in a handy lipgloss style tube so it’s uber portable and discrete.

Organic fans will be pleased to know that the tea tree oil comes from a sustainable crop in New South Wales and includes nary a paraben. Get yours from Holland&Barrett or one of those famous ‘good pharmacies’ i.e. if they don’t have this, they’re no good.

Now, off you go and have a LOVELY Valentines day… I’ll be a) working late, b) enduring an awkward non-date with Mr BeautyLover or c) pissed under a table somewhere in South West London…


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