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A Little Bit of… Valentines Schmalentines


A Little Bit of… Valentines Schmalentines

Yeah, I’m in NO MOOD for today people and quite frankly, if I see one person staggering down the road overburdened by M&S roses and chocolates, I’m likely to take you out with my handbag. Well, maybe not my handbag, it’s is Marc Jacobs after all.
Maybe just trip you up with my Topshop shoes instead.

I figured I was in need of some therapy so I’ve booked in an emergency session with my head counsellor, Jonny at Lee Stafford (geddit? Head? A girl can be heartbroken and still pun, okay?) and I may or may not swing by my *ahhhhhhhh, beatific glow* sanctuary, Selfridges Beauty Hall and see what my friends have to cheer me up. I’m feeling a little bit of Stila maybe.

Anyway, will attempt to be back on form tomorrow, have tonnes of exciting new stuff to tell you about and in no way should boys come between me, thee and make up.

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