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A Little Bit of… Lip Service


A Little Bit of… Lip Service

Now, obviously I’m still a bit upset about the Mr BeautyLover madness (boo hoo, etc) I’m not about to let boys and break ups come between me and the perfect fuchsia lipstick. It’s my spring fashion quest and as I am uber dedicated, I think I’ve found it.

My main concern with a strong lip colour, because I’m the first to admit I’m an ‘Eyes’ girl, is that you have to retouch ALL the time and with a statement colour like fuchsia, it’s got to be a solid colour that is going to hang around past one drink. Preferably seven drinks at the moment.

But I digress, as I said, I think I’ve found it. Actually not just it but THEM and all in one place!
from the clever people that brough us Lush, I give you, B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful!
If you haven’t clocked this brand yet, get online and check them out.
Bargainous beautiful beauty.
Happy days, says I.

For the high minded amongst you, you’ll be pleased to know the products are all vegan friendly and of course environmentally sound. For those more interested in pretties, ahh, little bejewelled lipglosses, gold leaf details, sexy scents and a boudoir of possibilities. I heart B.

And again with the digressing. B are rocking my fuchsia world. Baically, you can choose between the gorgeous Beijing lip creme or rock the fabulously named Biatch lipstick. I’m going Biatch because a) I’m feeling a bit Biatch and b) it’s a more portable stick but I’d advise applying both with a lipbrush because once these puppies are on, they’re going NOWHERE. I’m loving Biatch with a touch of balm over the top, rather than gloss as I think the fuchsia look is more modern with a semi matte finish but feel free to gloss yours up. It still won’t budge.

I’ve tested it with cocktails, Nandos and endless bitching… now, just have to find some willing boys to test the kissing power. All in the name of journalism, you understand?
I will dutifully report back.

FYI, blogger is acting up and won’t let me addd a picture of Beijing but it’s coming and you will love i.http://0

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