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A Little Bit of… RMK


A Little Bit of… RMK

I’m so stuck on make up this week… Obsessed by pretties, who would have thunk it?
It’s quite possibly due to how skanky and drab I feel – have had a cold for oooh, about three weeks? It will not leave me alone.
I have now gone deaf in my left ear, it is a constant source of comedy to those around me.

Anyways, here’s the new RMK spring collection – Shiny Dots.
It is gorgeous.

The collection is inspired by Pontillism, so you can pretend you’re being all highbrow in your interest when really, you just want some purdy eyeshadows.

LOVING the idea of the nail varnishes with holographic pearl base.
Grab yours at Selfridges or or at least go to the website to see the pretty face on the pretty lady wearing the collection…http://0

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