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Mad March Hair


Mad March Hair

I have a funny relationship with March. I really want to love it, I do but I don’t think it can be trusted. March has my favourite saying of any month attached to it (no other month has anything as cool as ‘In like a lion and out like a lamb’ which I’ve always thought oddly reflective of me on a night out. If that lamb is puking and being held up by her friends…) but every year I think, hurrah, spring is sprung! And then without fail, spring springs for about three days and then it tips it down. Or snows. Or tips it down and then snows. I just feel a bit shafted.

But this year will be different. I’m prepared for the schizo weather conditions, I’m excited to be tested to within an inch of my spray wax and I am wearing waterproof mascara every day.

I am also sporting, for double protection, Kadus Slalom modelling spray. A far cry from my nana’s hair lacquer (I think I can still taste her Harmony Hairspray in the back of my throat from 1987), Kadus sprays are enriched with UV filters, glycerin, panthenol, pro-vitamin B5 and all sorts of other wonders. The Sprayer variant is truly a flexible friend, staying malleable, not crispy, so even if you get buffeted around a little by the March winds, you can sort out your do without any frozen frights when you get back inside.

The whole range is available at over 12,000 salons nationwide so whether you’re just trying to keep your do did or you’re attempting a Winehouse-a-like look, Kadus could be your new bestest beehive bud.http://0

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