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New Beginnings: Juicy Tubes


New Beginnings: Juicy Tubes

March is officially underway and officially all about New Beginnings for moi.
As such, I’ve been rooting through my beauty bins and searching out exciting colours, textures and products that perhaps hadn’t ever actually seen the light of day since they arrived Chez BeautyLover. I am ashamed to say, this may include many, many products and we would need more than a month to go through everything…

The first product to be promoted to My Make Up Bag, is my Marshmallow Juicy Tubes lipgloss.
As a huge fan of this season’s pink lips, I’ve been experimenting with colour a lot lately, which is fairly unusual for me. So far, I’ve rocked B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful’s Biatch lipstick on a night out to rave reviews but this fab fuchsia is just all too much for my pale complexion in the daytime. So natch, I looked gloss-ward.

I’ve had a few Juicy Tubes, I’ve liked them, I’ve used them, I’ve lost the screw on top on the dance floor and I’ve moved on but I’m proud to say, I’m bringing them back back back. I wear gloss every day and I own more little tubes of the stuff that I would like to admit but I always forget how great Juicy Tubes are until I dig one out. It’s a bit like having a nice bowl of Corn Flakes after like, a year and going – ooh, these aren’t boring at all! They’re really nice! Well, sort of.

Marshmallow is one of the more opaque colours and it gives really lovely solid kick of pink to your face without being too draining or difficult to wear. I’ve teamed it with my new fave fuchsia Prescriptives Thai Orchid blush and Clinique Lash Power mascara in the daytime as well as a more smoky eye at night and it’s stood its ground with both looks. Plus, its long wearing, it smells nice and I haven’t lost the lid yet.

Hurrah… Juicy Tubes are available EVERYWHERE but if you get them at Boots, you get Advantage points. Double score. I’ll be stocking up at the airport next week on my way back to New York, New York.
That’s right Sephora, I’m coming to git ya!http://0

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