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New Beginnings… Classic Bubble Bath


New Beginnings… Classic Bubble Bath

As a recent dumpee, I will admit to a certain amount of wallowing in the last couple of weeks. Some of it in bars, some of it on sofas but MUCH of it in the bath. I love the bath – there can be no bad there. When I was wee, I spent hours in there, playing with My Little Pony sea ponies, them making my Barbie a Little Mermaid costume and even pretending I was Daryl Hannah in Splash (don’t laugh, I was ‘creative’ as a child).

Now the bath is absolutely my favourite place to be in the homestead. It’s warm, it’s quite, I can’t take my BlackBerry in there and once the door is locked and the lights are out, I could be absolutely anywhere. Along with candles, Toblerone and Grazia (Elle is too heavy for the bath), my bath must have is bubbles. I love bubble bath. Or bath bombs. Or bath oils. Or bath cubes. Or bath salts. Or bath cremes. Or even bath pearls if I’m pretending it’s 1994 again.

As you can imagine, Chez BeautyLover is home to many a bubble bath, all of which are fabu, all of which are generally in constant rotation – until recently. My current wallowing partner of choice isn’t fancy, it isn’t a designer label, it isn’t even expensive but it is divine, reassuring and best of all, uber bubble. It’s Radox Relax.

You know you love it. The bubbles are rich and dense, the scent makes me so calm and relaxed and you can buy it everywhere! Truly one of the high street’s wonders.
Radox, i salute you. If I could wear it’s juniper-y goodness as a perfume, I would.
But I can’t, so if you’ll excuse me, I’m just off to run a bath.http://0

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