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New Beginnings… New Skin


New Beginnings… New Skin

God I hate coming back from New York.
No offense to London, it’s just that I always have the best time and almost importantly, the best skin and hair. The water over there is incredible.
But it could also be something to do with the incredible care and attention I take to avoid holiday acne. Travel skin is the worst but I have found a way…

If I’m flying, there are certain products I will ALWAYS have in my bag. For the flight itself, I cleanse as soon as I can and whack on a load of Creme de la Mer face creme and lipbalm. I know it’s pricey but you could buy it in Duty Free and make some savings? Alternatively, Nivea creme is pretty good too or Prescriptives Super Flight Cream if you can get hold of it. Then, before landing, I even out my skintone with Creme tinted moisturiser and BeneFit Get Even powder, then I’m on my way.

The first night, I think it’s really important to destress and unclog so I love a sweep of Bliss Sleeping Peel serum. It really wakes up my skin and is a fabulous deep exfoliating serum, clearing out any flight flight cabin clogging. I was a little bit scared of it at first but along with the Sleeping Peel weekly mask, I can’t get enough of it now. Remember to use a broad spectrum sunscreen for a few days (although you should be using one every day!) after use, as the exfoliating power is pretty tough!
Post serum, it’s more Creme and you’re ready for a good night’s kip – essential to looking your best missus.

The next morning, I LOVE Clarin’s BeautyFlash Balm and Eye Balm. It perks you right up, evens out the skintone and is a great base for make up. Which will inevitably include Touche Eclat to cover up any lingering bags.

Stick with this routine until your skin normalises and you should be good to go!http://0

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