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New Beginnings… New Chocolate Treats


New Beginnings… New Chocolate Treats

I’m trying really hard to get over the fact that I only received ONE Easter Egg this year (which I’m just about to devour btw) so I’m trying to distract myself by posting for you. It was all going relatively well, when I spotted this in my inbox.


Chocolate Wrap Treat £99

Pure chocolate heaven

A chocolate wrap and sugar cane scrub plus a day at the spa

Or a chocolate wrap, head massage and body massage with cocoa butter

Chocolate ISN’T bad for your skin during this treat!

Choose your favourite chocolate wrap experience from our selected spa treats. In West Sussex or Kent enjoy a sweet, sugar cane scrub which will add an instant glow to brighten the complexion. Follow this with an exclusive chocolate body mask where the body is enveloped inside a heated wrap to melt the chocolate into the skin. The mask rehydrates and balances to leave skin silky smooth and glowing. You also get to make full use of the great spa facilities (including gym, sauna and steam room), so dont forget to take your cossie! In London, a warmed cocoa butter, oil and brown sugar wrap will get to work. As the cocoa’s antioxidant properties revive and condition your skin, the brown sugar exfoliates to leave you smoothed, soothed and relaxed. This is followed by a head massage to help you gently unwind. Once showered, a relaxing body massage with warmed cocoa butter will finish off your experience. You even get a hot chocolate drink for an interior chocolate indulgence!

By God that sounds good. You can book your very own Chocolate Wrap experience at or on 0845 640 8000.

Now what did I do with the rest of that Flake egg…?


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