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New Beginnings… I’m in Love


New Beginnings… I’m in Love

As some of you might be aware, I have recently been cruelly and heartlessly been dumped.

This is not good for a girl’s sense of self-worth.
What is good for a girl’s sense of self-worth is shopping, make up and perfume. Happily the fabulous people at Never Too Busy to be Beautiful have come up trumps. 

Not only do they have a gorge website, not only do they have fantastic shops filled with delightful people and not only are all of their products pee in my pants beautiful, they have sent me Love. Seriously.

Here is what the peeps say about Love:

What kind of perfume is Love? It’s youthful, fruity, a little spicy, green and floral.

What are the ingredients? Lemongrass, lemon oil, orange blossom, cinnamon bark oil, cassia, rose, jasmine, ylang ylang, coumerin and oakmoss

And how can I buy Love?

9g Atomiser Price:£11.00

Perfume bottle 10g Price: £16.00

Perfume bottle 35g £24.00

Love Body Lotion (£11.00 for 175g)

Love Hair Fragrance (£12.00 for 30g)

Love Gift Sets

Small Gift Box £16.95  

Large Gift Box £47.50

Bubble bath (£3.00 for 100g)

Body Spray  (£14.00 for 90g)

So, basically, however you want it. I’m rocking the body lotion and perfume at the moment and quite frankly, I smell like spring has sprung and I feel like kittens have blessed with their fluffiness.

I love being in Love.


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