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New Beginnings… New E45


New Beginnings… New E45

Now, I’ll grant you that E45 might not sound like the most glamorous topic for a blog as fabulous as BeautyMecca (snarf) but sit, my pretties, while I tell you a tale…

As I can’t STOP telling people, Mr BeautyLover and I have recently parted ways. This had led to a series of silly things, some of them fun, some of them drunken and one of them very, very permanent. I got a tattoo. Oh calm down, it’s a lovely little wee collection of three stars on the inside of my right wrist and I love it. I’d been meaning to get it for ages and well, this seemed as good an opportunity as any other.

I have another tat (tramp stamp on my lower back, more stars) so the process wasn’t a complete shock to me – the agony of having a tattoo needled into my wrist was though. Ouchies. My main memory from the last time round was that moisturising was a big ‘must’ to avoid the flaky scabiness and general ick factor so it seemed like a great chance to try out the new E45 Endless Moisture body range. According to the E45 peeps, one application is enough to moisturise for 24 hours so being a girl on the go, this was a good thing. So I started massaging the Replenishing Care cream into my wrist every morning and evening. And then into my elbows and knees as they were a little dry. And then onto my shins. And a little bit on my shoulders. And by the end of the week, it had become my body lotion du jour. Do you know what? My skin is so insanely uber soft, I can hardly bear it.
What a time to be single. There’s nothing more glamorous than sexy soft skin, right?

And my tattoo is just peachy, thank you.

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