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April Rules! The Sanctuary Hot Cloth Cleanser


April Rules! The Sanctuary Hot Cloth Cleanser

So today is apparently the warmest day of the year so far.
This is good news and only slightly hampered by the bad news that this weekend is going to be shite. All this changeable weather is no good for my skin and in an attempt to placate it , I’ve started using the Perfectly Polished Hot Cloth Cleanser from The Sanctuary.

I lurved The Sanctuary products when they first launched and used to have teenage fantasies about hovering around the spa on that swing they made so much noise about at the time. It was a long and glamorous way from South Yorkshire FYI. But for some reason I’d drifted away from their products, even the lovely Mande Luar scrub thing in that sexy glass jar so I came to this, the first of their face care products I’d tried, with a fairly open, if not ever so slightly cynical mind.
The hot cloth cleansing system isn’t that new, Eve Lom and Liz Earle make bucket-loads of cash from their versions but obviously they’re not available from Boots for under a tenner. Having avoided creamy cleansers for an age, I was so pleasantly surprised. My skin felt ridiculously soft after cleansing and the muslin cloth left it exfoliated but not scrubbed. Okay, so I don’t exactly look like a rosy cheeked cherub just yet but it has only been a week and I’m sticking with it. I will update you as to when we move from Silky Soft to Perfectly Polished…

Not that they are words that have ever been used to describe me before.


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