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April Rules! Spring Clean with Astral


April Rules! Spring Clean with Astral

Now, I always start out my new relationships with the BEST intentions.
First I get all hot and bothered, then completely gushy and rubbish and for the first few weeks, first few months if it’s really special, I am like a goddess – nothing is too much bother and the upmost care and attention is given. But after a while, you get a little bit sloppy, you start forgetting it was special once and maybe, god forbid, you start getting all hot and bothered over new handbags.

Oh, did I not say this was about handbags?
Please, totally more exciting than boys.
I really am the worst. My BEAUTIFUL Marc Jacobs Jazz bag that I love with all my heart has even suffered the odd empty Polo wrapper and I’m sure there’s more than one old tube ticket in there. I don’t mean to be a skank but hey, I get busy.

Well, the helpful people at Astral have given us some top handbag spring cleaning tips…

What to bin…multiple make-up products What to buy… multi-purpose moisturiser

Why carry around hand lotion, body moisturiser and face cream when one product will do? In its handy 50ml pot, Astral acts as a multi-purpose moisturiser for the entire body, doubling up as make-up remover and after-sun. As for your face, leave it free to take in some much-needed sunshine. Just 10 minutes of outdoor light a day can help your body process vitamin D, helping to keep bones strong and healthy. Remember to apply suntan lotion.

What to bin…chocolate bar What to buy…bottle of water

There’s nothing more comforting than a delicious bar of chocolate to brighten up dull winter days. But now that spring is here, throw out your hoard of sweets and invest in a single bottle of water to make you feel refreshed and revitalised. If your eyes are prone to puffiness, this suggests that toxins have accumulated in this area and water will help flush them out. Combined with a good moisturiser, like Astral, your skin will dazzle in the spring sunshine.

What to bin…stationery What to buy (keep)…mobile phone

If you carry a diary, phone book and more pens that you know what to do with – bin them. You can record all important dates and phone numbers in most mobile phones and replace your pen with your thumb!

It all makes a special kind of sense, doesn’t it? Except I don’t think I’m totally okay with ditching my chocolate for water.
But Astral is totally retro-tastic and sigh, I think they might be right as well as pretty.


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