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April Rules! Advanced Night Repair


April Rules! Advanced Night Repair

I love it when a product does exactly what it says on the tin.
Or beautiful brown glass bottle in this case…
My skin has been going through some very late teenage tantrums since Christmas but I can always, always rely on one product to sort it out sooner rather than later.

Estee Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair serum is an absolute godsend.
I’m sure you’ve seen a lot of press about the little brown bottle in the last few months as ANR has had a big birthday (ah to be 25 again… she says at 27) and I’m sure you’ve thought about it, you might have even tried a sample, or played with the pipette at the counter but I’m fairly certain a big old chunk of you decided against purchasing. Let’s face it, serums are a pricey addition to a skincare regime if you’re not already rocking one and you’re expected to commit for a good couple of months before you see a benefit. Sigh.
Can’t be bothered, right? It’s £40 you could spend in TopShop and see the results right away?

Well, put down the Baxter skinny jeans, yes I know they’re very flattering, and get your arse back over to the Estee Lauder counter. Honestly, ANR has revolutionised my skincare regime and I don’t know how I would get by without it. Seriously, I’ve used it when my skin has had a little too much sun and woken up the next day glowing like a goddess (and remember I’m the world’s palest paley). I’ve used it when very, very drunk and woken up with rosy pink glow, not a blotchy red glare. I’ve used it when I’m spotty and hormonal and woken up fresh as a baby’s, well, I don’t think baby’s bums are that fresh but you get where I’m coming from?

And to make matters worse, I’m really sorry but I’m going to recommend you get the Advanced Night Repair Concentrate Recovery Boosting Complex too. Unlike ANR which you use every evening to keep Father Time at bay, the concentrate complex is a separate routine that you use for just 21 nights and then go back to the original. I try and fit it in every three months or so and my skin never, ever looks better than when I’m rocking this bad boy. I also tend to favour the concentrate when I’m super hungover. It’s like an apology to my skin.

So yes, I know I just asked you to part with the best part of £100 on things to add to your skincare regime but seriously, call me up in twenty years and thank me. I’ll be the one sat at the bar knocking back champers with the skin of a twenty year old.
Make sure it’s me and not Madonna though, I’m guessing by the time she’s seventy she might just about look twenty.
Scary, scary ageless Madonna…


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