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April Rules: Lee Stafford Dehumidifier


April Rules: Lee Stafford Dehumidifier

I’m really trying to be okay with the comedy of April Showers, I really, really am. Unfortunately, I’m trying to time my next haircut to fit in with my upcoming jaunts (work trips!) to the Us in May and June so I’m the first to admit I’m a little bit frizzy…

And just to make matters a little bit more frizz-tastic, London has decided to go completely schizo on me. I get up, wash my hair, head out into crisp cold weather. Which then turns really sunny. Which then turns into a thunder storm. Which then turns sunny. Which then goes a bit windy. At which point I put on a hat.

But, ahhh, the wonder that is Lee Stafford has saved me from hat hair. He has saved us all I tell you! Now, instead of freaking out, I just spray my luverly Lee Stafford Poker Straight Dehumidifier prod onto my locks for frizz free shine and a stable style. Seriously, I debuted it yesterday and while my curly-inclined friend had to pop on her (very, very cute) beret when tousled tresses took a turn for the worse* I marched on.
And I did not frizz.

Bonus, it also does away with those irritating flyaways that you can’t get rid of when you’re in need of a trim.
And double Boots bonus, it’s only £4.99.
Rock on over at lunch and say ‘Pah! I do not fear you April showers!’ loudly at the sky.
But only while no one is listening.

*note to curly girls in hats. This is a very cute look but not all of us are as gifted in the prettylicious department as my friend, who just looked like you wanted to pat her head and put her in your pocket with her rain-induced curly locks. Grrr.http://0

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