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April Rules! Johnson’s Baby Oil


April Rules! Johnson’s Baby Oil

Sigh, the last week before payday.
I really, really hate being poor. And yes, I know I’m not exactly poverty stricken but I can’t afford to buy those beautiful coral peeptoes in TopShop either and as far as I’m concerned, that’s not fair.

But at least I don’t have to tighten my beauty belt…
Given my impoverished circumstances, I’ve taken to trying a little bit harder to find some bargain beauty buys and do you know what, I’m all kids of giddy about Johnson’s Baby Oil. Now I don’t want any dodge references to naughtiness – this is strictly a beauty feature, okay?

It turns out, you need practically nothing else in the whole world if you’ve got some Johnson’s Baby Oil. No, really!

Add a few drops to the bath for a moisturising soak, rub it into damp skin after said bath for super softness (the Hugh Laurie-voiced babies on the ads speak the truth!), use it as a shaving oil on your legs, then apply to dry legs for super sexy shine or add a teeny, tiny bit to your cheekbones for a killer sheen. I’ve even taken to combing my fingers really lightly through the very ends of my hair after using it to moisturise as the rank weather has left my mop incredibly dry and I’m all out of serum.

Tis a wonder product. If you’re not totally okay with having a vat of Baby Oil by your bed (new flatmates, mum coming to visit, etc.) then try the Baby Oil Gel which I love to larp on my legs in a morning. Between 80 denier opaques and high central heating, my shins look like that alligator that rocked up in someone’s house in Florida this morning.
Maybe he was just looking for some cheap as chips moisturiser too?

Yay for Johnson’s Baby Oil, available ALL OVER the freaking place, so you have no excuse.


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