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April Rules! Scrub it Up


April Rules! Scrub it Up

Sigh, still not pay day…
I do realise that life can’t always be about Bliss lemon+sage body scrub (although it should be) and that pre-shower scrubs are often overlooked in the early morning rush, so I today I’m championing my two favourite in-shower bargainous scrubs.

For a lovely, fresh every day wash with a hint of scrub, I love the new Palmolive Cashmere body scrub. I don’t know what it’s scented with and nor do I care, it’s delicious. It smells like they had angels sigh into each tube and then got kittens to kiss it on it’s way into stores. The scrub itself is very gentle and suitable for all over use, it won’t irritate delicate areas and I don’t think you can overdo it, so perfect if you like to scrub it up every day.

For a more intensive scrubbing (I’m trying to see how many times I can use the word ‘scrub’ in one post), try The Sanctuary Moisturising Butter Scrub from Boots. This beast will tackle any rough patches and is fab for bums, legs and feet although I find it a bit harsh for my torso. LOVE it though, the smell is yummy and the gel that carries the scrubby bits is really gelatinous (what with it being a gel) a bit like a lovely, scented version of silly putty. This would be a great scrub to go with pre-self-tan as it leaves the skin quite moisturised too with yummy nut butters and sweet almond oil. I’m literally getting through a tube every couple of weeks, yes because it’s fab and a bargain (less than six quid!) but also because I love playing with the gel in the bath.
Small things, small minds and all that.

Scrub, scrub, scrub, scrub, scrub.

Cue satisfied sigh.http://0

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