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may I… please have a bit of a tan?


may I… please have a bit of a tan?

I know I bleat on about how pale I am fifty times a month but having spent all week in LA I can’t help but feel it might be nice to have a bit of colour.

But thanks to my generous application of spf 50 clinique City Block I have neither tanned nor burned which I suppose is a good thing, right?

Happily, a fun combo of Creme de la Mer tinted moisturiser, Benefit Georgia and Estee Lauder’s blush stick in Pearl, at least leaves me looking human.Hopefully I’ll be able to crack out the new Darphin bronzer compact by the end of the week.

LA is funny, people are very beautiful and Marc Jacobs is very cheap.
I am coming back very poor but significantly more beautiful.
Because this gorgeousness thing must be in the water, right?http://0

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