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May I… avoid ingrown hairs?


May I… avoid ingrown hairs?

I will never learn and that’s a fact.
One of the reasons I know this is because every time I go on holiday I say I’m going to get my everything waxed before I go to avoid irritating shaving and depilitorising (is that even a word?) and yet I’ve only managed this once. That’s pathetic, isn’t it?

And the worst bit is, with all the fabby products available that actually work, I have no excuses.
Nads hair removal gel is particularly great according to my BeautyMecca Beauty Bunnies – there’s no heating involved so there’s no chance of me burning myself (again) and it’s about as natural as these things get. The £14.99 pack, available at Boots includes enough to remove hair from both legs up to 15 times. Hmm, much better value than my local waxing laydee.

And to avoid all those icky ingrown hairs, they have a new Ingrow Solution, containing anti-inflammatory Green Tea leaf extract and Aloe Vera. Hurrah.

Nads also have a heap of cool facial waxing prods but since I once tried out a waxing strip where there was no tache and removed a couple of layers of perfectly good skin, I haven’t tried them out. The Beauty Bunnies however, they say yay.
Go on, save yourself hours of annoying and painful shaving over sunburn.
Like me.

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