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May I… soothe my skin with Sjal?


May I… soothe my skin with Sjal?

While I was away I had the BeautyMecca Beauty Bunnies (e.g. people I have bribed with product) test out some of the lovely news prods on the market – I am only one woman, people! One of the topper most tip top reactions to any range I’ve ever had was from the bunny testing Sjal skincare. This fab collection of luxe prods was created by mother and daughter duo, Karen and Kristin Petrovich and is a totally fabo eco-luxury skincare range, bridging Eastern medicine, Western bio-technology and bio-osmotic power. Clearly I didn’t make that up myself… The entire range is free of petroleum jelly, alcohol, silicone, mineral oil, caffeine and fillers which is always nice, and boasts celeb fans including the ageless Ruby Hammer, super sexy Angelina Jolie and gorgeous Helena Christensen.

I’ve been obsessed with the new Mineral Kalla which is a fantastic spray on toner, for a good couple of months. There’s always a spray on my desk to freshen up my skin during the day.

Sjal says: Mineral Källa is a deep penetrating mineral tonic, which is designed for immune boosting, toning and barrier protection. Mineral Källa contains gold, germanium and adaptogens to counteract stress and improve cellular energy. It provides strong bio-adhering hydration lasting over 24 hours. Mineral Källa protects the skin against pollution.
BeautyLover says: Wowsers. I like that it makes me feel fresh and purdy.

And my testing bunny is completely enraptured with the moisturisers and cleanser. To quote her directly, ‘Sjal is the dog’s’ and ‘What the bloody hell am I supposed to do when it runs out? You’ve ruined me for any other moisturiser ever again. You cow.’

I think what she meant was ‘it’s pretty good and thank you very much for bringing this into my life, kind friend’.

Check it out for yourself at panachecosmeticshttp://0

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