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May I… have splendiferous tootsies?


May I… have splendiferous tootsies?

As you can imagine, LA facilitated all kinds of flippity-floppingtons and open-toe sandals so one’s pedicure had to be tip-top.

However, how does one go about getting a tip-top pedicure for the flippity-floppingtons if you have NO TIME EVER?

It’s easy, you head down to Boots, seek out the Ruby&Millie concession, you buy the gorgeous pink 450 and you paint your tootsies yourself. This stuff is great. It’s the perfect summer pink, not neon enough to scare your mum but not coral enough to make her want to steal it. And it doesn’t chip.
Ever ever*.

*Well, it chipped a tiny bit when I jumped off the back off a model of a giant sloth at the La Brea tar pits but that’s to be expected really. And that was more a chip off the actual nail than polish.
The sloth was giant. GI-ANT.


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