What I did this summer… shopping in LA

Okay, I don’t have a clever theme for June, okay?
I’ve worked my ass off coming up with barely relevant themes and I’m all out.
June going to be all about pretty things. We like pretty things.

Today’s pretty things are the pretty things I bought on holiday last week in LA.
Behold their glory!

Stila Kitten Palette

I didn’t love Kitten as a standalone shadow, as you know, it’s all about Cloud for me but in this palette, I HEART it the mostest. Each complementary shade is summery, shimmery and all kinds of perfect. They’re really all you need to get through the season… Just beautiful. And the compact is all kinds of covetable too. Yum.

Marc Jacobs Daisy Purse Spray

Utterly impractical and ineffectual – it’s so not a handy shape to be in your handbag but look how purdy…

Hard Candy Kiss and Tell Lipgloss

Again, I didn’t need it, it’s not that special but it’s got a FREAKING MAGIC 8 BALL IN THE LID!
I will now be making all my man decisions by way of lipgloss.
Got to be better than the ones I make on my own…

Bare Escentuals Buxom Babes Lip Tints

Following on from the gloss set on QVC, this set has brighter, lighter summer colours and at $27, is a total steal.

I know there was a tonne more stuff but this was the bulk of it…
And I’m going to New York next week so get ready for another load then.
Mew, my bank manager hates me.


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