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Lipstick Queen Oxymoron Gloss


Lipstick Queen Oxymoron Gloss

In my search for pretty things throughout June, I present to you one of the prettiest things I’ve found in ages. Lipstick Queen’s Oxymoron Gloss.

This delicious little compact is home to one of the cleverest products that you didn’t even know you needed (until now). And it’s pretty. And it has moron in the title (snigger).

The colour goes on sheer and light with the cutest little brush included in the pack but it’s absolutely matte. As in shine and sparkle free. As in, completely. It’s such a great idea for those of us that don’t always want gloopy lips and hey, we all know boys that have lipgloss phobias. These light, creamy colours leave your lips looking slightly flushed and just kissed without drying them out or terrifying weak men with a wet look finish.

I also love the word play (hey, I’m word people) and the clever Lipstick Queen hasn’t just created a product that is an oxymoron – a non-glossy gloss – but she’s also given them fab names: Honest Politician, Minor Crisis, Free Ride and Deafening Silence.

I heart Minor Crisis, a beautiful soft pink and will be rocking it in contrast with my shimmery Stila Kitten eye palette all summer.
Get me.

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