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Native New Yorker


Native New Yorker

I love that New York really reminds me I’m a girl. So far I’ve had two manicures, a pedicure and a massage. And yes, I already messed up both manicures but that’s just me. Seriously though, girls here take care of themselves and that’s no bad thing.

Hands up if you would be able to fit in and afford even a manicure during your working week? It’s crazy. As far as I’m concerned we’re being deprived of our basic human rights.

One thing that makes life easier here is the fact that OPI and Essie are available in every drugstore for $8.00 and there is a manicure place on every block.

I’m lobbying mayor Boris for more salons and cheaper nail colours as soon as I get back.
Also that 40 Year Old Virgin should be on terrestrial at 3.00 in the afternoon. US TV scheduling is funny.http://0

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