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No, not me, this fab new product from Lee Stafford, Messed Up Wonder Web!

As a fan of messy hair, I do like to at least attempt to look like I cocked it all up on purporse and this bad boy is perfect. I’ll let Lee tell you because I’ll just get all carried away about how pretty the packaging is, how nice it smells and how much I enjoy the clapping motion that separates all the strands. Everyone should clap themselves while they’re doing their hair…

Non-sticky and totally gunk-free, Messed Up Wonder Webb is a texturiser that is light enough to use on long hair for his seasons tousled, matt, beachy look, as well as being tough enough to style and sculpt any crop.

Simply pump a small amount of Messed Up Wonder Webb into the palms of your hands and rub together. Pull hands apart and clap to see the crazy webbing effect, then vigorously work through the whole of the hair and finger hair into place.

And it’s only £5.49.

And Agyness Deyn uses it.

And did I mention the clapping?
Get thyself to Boots…

I’m off to see Jonny at Lee Stafford tomorrow and I can’t WAIT. New hair makes me happy, even post New Yoik.http://0

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