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B Never Too Busy for Glitter


B Never Too Busy for Glitter

I have talked about my love for B Never Too Busy to be Beautiful because it’s a philosophy I hold dearly to my heart. Despite how crappy I might look today…

However, when I look/feel/am crappy, there’s always something that can perk me up.
Lovely, sparkly, wonderful glitter.

No longer the territory of pre-teens and hen parties, a subtle touch of glitter can look fab. I LOVE the B glitters on my eyes for a really dramatic going out look. Start with an eyeshadow primer and then dab on carefully, maybe use a little Vaseline to hold it if you’re having trouble. They make such amazing party eyes. Pretty…

My faves are the emerald green and sky blue but how cool will black look for a massive night out? And they’re in such pretty little wooden pots, how can you resist?

Bag all your favourite shades here and while you’re there, grab a Sweet Lips Sugar Scrub.
It’s delish.http://0

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