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Festival Chic – Lee Stafford Minis


Festival Chic – Lee Stafford Minis

Now, correct me if I’m wrong but when I went to me first festival (ten, sob, years ago) it was not in any way glamorous. If the non-festival goers on the train home didn’t vomit when you stepped on board, you’d done okay. And yes, I know there are showers but they’re disgusting. I was much more inclined towards a Vegas shower (strip wash with baby wipes) and washing my hair with, well, nothing.

But not these days.
Thanks to the likes of La Moss (grr) you can’t just go, get mucky and enjoy the festival. You’ve got to worry what your hair looks like, what wellies you’re wearing, which designers best reflect your musical preference and you have to wear make up.

We will tackle these issues one by one (make up needs vary by festival, of course) and I think the easiest task here is hair. This has been made much easier by my lovely friends at Lee Stafford – no longer are you destined to the Princess Leia buns of heartache by day two! Oh no, you can now take mini shampoo and conditioner, mini styling products and – drumroll – mini DRY SHAMPOO!!!!

My top tips are – wash and blow dry the morning you leave. I know it’s mean to hair but if you can stand it, straighten it to dry it out at the roots. It’s important you stay as product free as possible at this point. Day two should be fine but do try to avoid any strenuous work e.g. carrying your own bag, setting up your own tent, for fear of getting sweaty and greasy.

By day three, you’ll want to spritz your dry shampoo through the roots and brush through well. If things still aren’t looking good or you’re suffering by the afternoon, now is the time to attempt the funky plaits before everything goes grease-tastic. I love that big celeb look at the moment with one plait coming across the front of your face to pull your fringe/front layers up and away. Perfect for festivals and if you put the plaits in when hair is a wee bit dirty, they’ll hold until you leave. Just enough grease will actually help here. Maybe spritz with some hairspray to freeze the style.
Once plaits can’t cut it, stick on a hat.
Or a wig a la Pixie Geldof at Glasto. That was pretty cool.

I’m not doing any camping festivals this year (after 2007’s Reading debacle) but I will be stashing a mini dry shampoo in my desk draw, handbag and anywhere else I can fit one. Greasy hair is my biggest fear in life.
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