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I Heart Bionova


I Heart Bionova

I know you’re all well aware of my New York addiction and my inability to pass by a shop in said fair city without purchasing something, so imagine how excited I was when I spotted that one of the fabu brands from my beloved Barney’s had hopped over the pond!

Let me paint you a picture, there is no bad in Barney’s. There are fabulous clothes, an exclusive Marc by Marc Jacobs line, a lovely restaurant and lovely, lovely person after lovely, lovely person. Screw Disneyland, it’s the happiest place on Earth. And as such, I’m ALL about their exclusive brands, including the newly available to we lucky UK folks, Bionova.

The fabbiest fabu things about Bionova that, unlike so many other ‘natural’ brands, all of the ingredients are naturally occurring in the body. They call this Hyper-Natural. As a fan of hyperbole in all its forms, I like this.

Each prod contains between 150 – 300 bioactive substances in nano quantities which are ‘delivered’ to the problem area in specially created ‘cells’ which will not destabilise – ooh, fancy!

The prods are the work of Dr Michael Danielov, discovered during his years working in Russia on research into the effects of shock on the body and now utilized in anti ageing and the treatment of acne and problem skins. The range delivers the body’s own active ingredients successfully to damaged cells, which helps them to self-repair. I think that might be mighty impressive. And I like to think Dr Michael is a bit like Phoebe’s scientist boyfriend in Friends.

The range consists of two relatively affordable areas, a range that’s affordable and can be used by everybody called ‘The Impact Line’ starting at £29. Then there’s also a super swank, exclusive custom collection via the web. By answering a series of tailor made questions, a blend of bioactives is created in the Bionova lab in New York, then blended into a cream to very specifically suit your skin – and the chances of two skincare blends being identical is one in 60 million. It is then delivered to you complete with your own name on the cream.
I want my name on a cream.
This excites me hugely.

For those less concerned with uber narcissim, the Impact Line starts from £29 and is available exclusively from the BIONOVA website


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