Dr Bragi, Miracle Man

It’s a doctor theme this week…

I don’t think I’ve been very secretive about the fact that I’ve been caning it in the style of a) a student in Fresher’s week, b) Amy Winehouse or c) a very silly 27 year old who has a full time job, a three book deal, a beauty blog and no way of juggling the three without looking like crapola.

I look like crapola.
Or at least I would if it weren’t for the wonderful rescue mask from Dr Bragi!

I have totally overused my Beauty Flash Balm and Advanced Night Concentrate to the point where my skin barely registers that I’ve applied them – it damn near demands that level of intensive treatment on a daily/nightly basis these day. And so I’ve been forced to look to more intensive measures. The mask is one of those fabric jobbies that is full of active enzymey goodness that hydrates and firms the skin. My thirsty complexion loves it when I’ve kept it in the fridge and then let it warm up for a couple of minutes at room temperature before popping it on.

After ten minutes, slip it off, tissue off any excess and go straight to sleepies – don’t wash off the magic. Seriously, it’s amazing, like a good night’s sleep in an enchanted tissue.
And all for a tenner at Victoriahealth.com

Next week I’m hoping to include the Flying Doctors, Doogie Howser MD and the KLF’s Doctorin’the Tardishttp://0

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