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The importance of a good polish – Zoya


The importance of a good polish – Zoya

As I sat on the bed last night, applying my fifth coat of cheap neon orange nail polish, I started to think about all the other things I could have been doing with the time I WASTED if only I’d used a good quality nail polish.

1. Read this month’s Elle which I still haven’t finished
2. Popped round my friend’s for a gossip
3. Mixed a lovely cocktail (okay, made a cup of tea)
4. Walked up the road to buy milk to make the cup of tea
5. Got in bed twenty minutes earlier

Life is too short for shit polish.
Go and spoil yourself with some lovely Zoya polish. The colours are uniformly gorgeous, it doesn’t chip and it doesn’t wreck your nails. And it doesn’t take twenty five coats to get a true shade.

I LOVE hot pink Layla but I’m also totally obsessing over the new Gossip collection.
And it’s not just because all the shades are named after the bitches, I mean, lovely girls on The Hills.
Although I won’t be caught dead wearing Heidi…http://0

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