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I’m only Dreaming…


I’m only Dreaming…

Primarily that I won’t be ill this time next week. Honestly, I feel like I’ve had flu for my entire life, it’s enough to drive a girl into a spa.

In an attempt to deskankify myself, I’m turning to pretty perfumes. I’m hearting purse sprays and travel bottles at the mo, and if they come with a lipgloss, I’m all the happier.

I was never a massive fan of Tommy Girl, it was all a bit bright and shiny for my liking but I am a fan of the new Tommy fragrance Dreaming. It’s a pretty, sophisticated fragrance, rocking some white peach, tuberose and freesia notes. Floral and fruity but with a really pretty warm heart at the centre of the fragrance.

And, shock, the rollerball comes with a lipgloss for just £15.00.
I smell pretty, oh so pretty, I smell pretty and witty and wise…http://0

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