Well-ell-ell-ell Lulu makes me wanna shout

Actually, she makes Mummy BeautyLover want to cough politely and tell you how really rather lovely her products are.
No, really, Lulu.
Yes, that Lulu.
‘Well-ell-ell-ell, you make me wanna shout’ Lulu.

Anyway, whether you believe me or not, Lulu has got some a-maz-ing prods out on the market that are apparently responsible for her insanely youthful appearance. Check her out, she looks younger than me! That’s not right!

Mummy BeautyLover, who I will point out now suffers something terrible with dry skin which gets irritated if I so much as blow a kiss at her, especially likes the Glory Days day cream, which plumps skin and then locks in all the hydrated goodness, and the Smart Balm eye cream that has mucho omega-3 acids that stop that icky crepey look, plus yeast extracts and botanicals to prevent puffiness.

I robbed a bit of the Glory Days last time I was Chez Fam, it’s pretty bloody good and even took the edge of the, ahem, mother avert your eyes, morning after deathly pallor I was rocking. And it’s all kinds of pretty.
I may have to give the whole range a once over – especially liking the sound of the Youth Juice skin oil…

Lulu is awesome – check it out here.
Does this post read like Russell Brand wrote it?
Sorry, I’ve been on the Haribo and full-fat Pepsi again.
Bad BeautyLover.http://0

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