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It’s getting hot in here…


It’s getting hot in here…

I’m dying.
Okay, so that might be an overreaction but CHRIST ALMIGHTY, is it hot enough?
The office where they are currently holding my prisoner is having ‘challenges’ with the air conditioning and I think I might pass out.

Happily, I am armed with the new Antistax Cooling Leg Spray. I’m a big fan of Antistax as I fly a lot and has a total hypochondriac, I’m forever convinced I have DVT so I love their capsules – it’s all about red vine leaf for leg vein health dontcha know? – but when it’s so hot like this and you’ve trekked the length and breadth of London to sit in a baking oven, I mean, office, you really just want a little extra cooling boost.

The spray is dinky enough to sit in my handbag without weighing me right down and it’s a complete lifesaver when you’re feeling MANKY. Do yourself a favour and slip out the flip flops for a quick blast to the feet if you can – make time for it if you’re going out after work and it’ll give you a good couple of extra hours before your feet start to feel a bit Elephant Man.

I’m about to start my second can of the day.
Better stop in Boots on the way home and get some more…http://0

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