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Clinique High Impact Lipstick


Clinique High Impact Lipstick

I’m having a bit of a lip colour moment for the end of summer, it’s my way of trying to brace myself for a full on lippy winter. I know, I know but I’m growing up and a girl can’t wear Stila lipglazes all her life. Apparently.

Anyway, as luck would have it, I’ve completely fallen in love with Clinique’s new High Impact lip colour range. There are 20 gorgeous shades to choose from and it has SPF 15. Yay! The lippy itself is very moisturising, pretty long lasting and really comfortable to wear. I merrily minced around my new flat on Sunday rocking Reddy-to-Wear (in turquoise jersey shorts, an I Heart New York tee, red metallic skyscraper heels I found in the move and wearing Minnie Mouse ears if you must have a complete picture painted for you) and it was still on when I Liz Earled it clean off that night.

As for the shades, I am not usually a big fan of bright or colourful lipsticks (not brave enough) but I’ve got to say, I’m a little bit in love with Reddy-to-Wear, it’s such a fab shade and I never, ever look good in red. I’m loving the look of After Party too. And Metallic Sand. And Go Fig. Well, I’m quite keen on the range anyway…

And if you buy online at the mo, you get a free High Impact Mascara sample – my second favourite mascara after the Clinique Lash Power. Which you should buy while you’re there.http://0

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