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Dermalogica Travel Kits


Dermalogica Travel Kits

Sigh, festival time is upon us again – have you been to any this year?
Old lady that I am, I’m ducking out this year but good god, I wish I’d had one of these for Reading 07.

Dermalogica are one of those fab brands that do exactly what it says on the tin and I can’t think of a brand I’d rather be stuck in a tent with. Natch, it’s also the perfect pack to take on holiday, even where there is running water… Choose from sensitised, normal/dry, dry, normal/oily, oily or acne-prone. There’s no possible way that they don’t do the perfect kit in your skin type, the lovely people.

Each of the kits contain cleanser, multi active toner, moisturiser and conditioner plus sachets of other grooming products and masques to try out – could they be any more perfect?
Oh, they only cost £20.00.
So yes, they can.http://0

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