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Hateful early mornings


Hateful early mornings

I apologise in advance for the quality you can expect from this post but I thought you should know that I am sat on a train to swindon at 7.45 in the morning. And I was supposed to be on it at 7.30 so the mere fact that I’m here is both heroic and likely to get me sacked. Bloody Addison Lee.

Anyway, as you know, I resigned from festivals this year due to the skankiness of last year’s Reading and yet I somehow have found myself on a train full of Reading festival goers. Brillbags.
Of course, at this time on the Thursday it’s generally hardcore crusties so there’s not a lot of festival chic to blog about. Very camo pants and dockers.

If you’ve been with me a while, you’ll maybe remember last year’s festival make up post on tactical slap. I stand by it – no point pretending you’re not wearing any but no point trying to do pretty pretty in what is, once again, likely to be a big muddy carpark in Reading. Keep your skin as clean as you can (wear tons of sunscreen!) and go big on eyes – lots big dark eyeliner like Benefit’s Bad Gal or go Urban Decay if you want a shot of glitter. For liquid liners, I love Estee Lauder’s double wear no smudge, especially the new graphite colour. Gorge. And the best bit about big smudgey eyes is they just get better as the festival goes on. Do try and clean under the eye though, you’re going for Courtney Love not Alice Cooper.

Back with more later if I don’t have a job.http://0

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