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Cowshed Goodness!


Cowshed Goodness!

Yay! Our lovely friends at Cowshed have relaunched all of their pretty, pretty ranges to be free from parabens, petrochemicals, sulphates and artificial colours and fragrances.

Also, joining Moody Cow (my mum was very amused when I bought this for her), Wild Cow and Horny Cow are the lovely Knackered Cow, Lazy Cow and Grumpy Cow ranges and the really rather fabulous Bullocks for Men line.

I have dreams of hanging out at the Cowshed spa in Soho House, New York once I’m a super famous author (insert guffaw here) or dropping into the London outpost for a quick massage to perk up my aching creative bones… until then I’ll just rock on with the Lazy Cow bath and massage oil whilst burning my Grumpy Cow candle.

I may also begin referring solely to being in a bad mood as ‘burning my Grumpy Cow candle’ because as I typed that, I realised it was awesome.


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