We’re going back, back, back to school

Yes, so I ran a Beauty School theme last September and I liked it so much, I’m doing again, okay?
If nothing else, it helps me feel a little bit closer to those bygone days when I wandered through the village on the way to school wearing so much mascara I couldn’t even blink.
And oh my, the Rimmel silver liquid liner from my Kenickie inspired sixth form years. They did a young colours range, can’t remember what it was called, UR or RU, I think. Gorge. So many interesting looks.

Anyway, I’m trading in my text book for a foundation brush and taking you back to basics.
We’ll be looking at Chemistry, Biology, PE, Art (probably a lot of art because this is a tenuous premise at best), English, Make Up Maths and much more.

I expect you here bright and early in the morning… dead on the dot of, well, what is it now, about 12.00? Meh, 12.00ish then.
This is why I’d be a shit teacher.http://0

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