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(You can’t mistake my) Biology


(You can’t mistake my) Biology

Sigh, a Girls Aloud reference and Beauty School link all in one.

Now, now, settle down class. Pens and pencils out, you’ll need to take notes, today we’re starting an experiment.

According to the lovely (and they are lovely) people at Antistax, we ladies are currently enduring a silent epidemic. Our legs ache and we’re not complaining about it. Now no sniggering in the back Child, we really are suffering and while it might seem like nothing much, tired, aching legs aren’t something you just have to live with. Oh yes, there is a solution! Antistax is a dietary supplement containing Red Vine leaf, an antioxidant that helps the walls of your leg veins function properly, keeping your circulation going and therefore (see, I’m a scientist) avoiding the tired heavy feeling that comes from lazy circulation.

And so I hypothesize that, after taking Antistax capsules daily for three months, I will:
1. Make it through the party season in heels and not resort to flats at the last minutes because ‘my legs are killing’
2. Not sob at the thought of climbing a hill AND three flights of stairs to get home
3. Lessen the chance of spider veins, varicose veins and other such nasties in later life because I’m doing something positive about my leg health now

Natch, you’re going to have to hang around BeautyMecca for another twenty years if you want to see how the last one pans out but I should have some results on the first two in the next six weeks or so… I will be supplementing the capsules with the AMAZING lovely and refreshing foot and leg spray (especially before I slip into those heels) and a nice massage with the Cooling Leg Gel whenever I can convince someone to give me one. A leg massage that is.

Check out and pick up some Antistax capsules from one of those good old chemists, supermarkets or health stores if you want to play along!


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