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PE: Sure Girl


PE: Sure Girl

You might have noticed but I’m sort of in a dilemma at the moment. On one hand, I’m refusing to admit I’m a grown up but on the other, I’m constantly carrying around a spare pair of contact lenses, a touche eclat and deodorant in case I don’t make it home (wash our your mind, I’m staying with friends a lot).

Happily both of the reasons tie in nicely with the new Sure Girl range. The cute can is designed to fit in a school bag but it will also hide away in your handbag just as well, plus, all three variants smell nice and look pretty. Who doesn’t love that? I’m currently toting around Crazy Violet (crisp melon and cucumber) and have Fun Spirit (floral and citrus) in my work drawer for pre-drinks spritzes. Tropical Power (fruity floral) resides in my travel bag… well, there’s just not much about London that’s very Tropical right now, is there?

And in case you’re having terrifying flashbacks to Impulse Vanilla kisses (the official scent of my year ten class) the scents were designed by Ann Gottieb, who has created perfumes for Calvin Klein, Dior, Clinique and Clarins. You can’t say fairer than that, can you?

Grab a can for a bargainous £1.75 from all major supermarkets and chemists.http://0

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